Friendship Baptist Church
Monday, July 16, 2018
Growing Together in Christ,55th Year Anniversary this year

Bible Questions and Answers


  1. To whom did Luke write his gospel? (Luke 1:3)
  2. Who walked in the spirit of Elijah? (Luke 1:17)
  3. What did Elizabeth and Zacharias name their baby? (Luke 1:63)
  4. What gifts did Mary take to the priests at the presentation of Jesus? (Luke 2:22-24)
  5. Who do not need a physician? (Luke 5:31)
  6. Did Jesus talk against Usury? (Luke 6:30-35)
  7. How old was Jarius' daughter? (Luke 8:42)
  8. Who did the people say that Jesus was? (Luke 9:19)
  9. Who appeared with Jesus on the mountain as he prayed? (Luke 9:30)
  10. What two apostles wanted to kill Samaritans by fire? (Luke 9:52-54)
  11. Who does the bible say should bury the dead? (Luke 9:60)
  12. Who was the chief of the devils? (Luke 11:15)
  13. For what sin shall no man be forgiven? (Luke 12:10)
  14. What short man climbed a tree to see Jesus? (Luke 19:3,4)
  15. When did Jesus weep over a city? (Luke 19:41)
  16. Who did Jesus send to prepare the passover? (Luke 22:8)
  17. What man begged the body of Jesus after the crucifixion? (Luke 23:50-52)


  1. Who were the three most famous of the human ancestors of Christ? (Matt 1:1-16)
  2. What insect did John the Baptist eat? (Matt 3:1-4)
  3. What were Christ's three temptations in the wilderness? (Matt 4:1-11)
  4. How many Beatitudes did Christ pronounce? (Matt 5:1-12)
  5. What should one do with an evil right eye? (Matt 5:29) 
  6. What are the two masters that Christ said no man can serve at the same time? (Matt 6:24)
  7. What is worse than being in the sea with a millstone around ones neck? (Matt 18:6)
  8. Who did the son of man come to save? (Matt 18:11)
  9. How many times should one forgive his brother? (Matt 18:21,22) 
  10. Who desired certain places in heaven for her son? (Matt 20:20,21)
  11. Who shall be exalted? (Matt 23:12)
  12. What shall not pass away? (Matt 24:35) 
  13. With what sign did Judas betray Jesus? (Matt 26:49)
  14. For how many pieces of silver did Judas betray Jesus? (Matt 27:3)


  1. How can we receive wisdom? (James 1:5)
  2. What brings forth sin? (James 1:6)
  3. What man is unstable in all his ways? (James1:8)
  4. What is pure religion? (James 1:27)
  5.  Who shall be made the footstools of Christ? (James 2:3)
  6. What causes faith to be dead? (James 2:17)
  7. How was Rahab, the harlot justified? (James 2:25)
  8. Wars and fightings come from where? (James 4:1)
  9. Why do we sometimes fail to receive when we ask? (James 4:3)
  10. To whom does God give grace? (James 4:6)


  1. What is the Bible reference to a shoe lace? (Mark 1:7)
  2. Who said that Christ would baptize with the Holy Ghost? (Mark 1:8)
  3. What form did the Holy Spirit take at Christ's baptism? (Mark 1:10)
  4. How do we know Peter was married? (Mark 1:30)
  5. Who broke through a roof top to see Jesus? (Mark 2:2-5)
  6. Who was the father of Levi Matthew? (Mark 2:14)
  7. Who did Christ say were the same to him as his mother, his sister, and his brother? (Mark 3:35)
  8. In Christ's parable, what happened to the seeds that fell among the thorns? (Mark 4:7)
  9. What should God's house be called? (Mark 11:17) 


  1. Who was call the "Lamb of God" and who called him that? (John 1:29)
  2. Who was Peter's brother? (John 1:40)
  3. In what city did Philip live? (John 1:44)
  4. Where wa the first miracle that Jesus performed? (John 2:1-11)
  5. For whom should we not pray? (I John 5:15-17) 
  6. How large was the lad's lunch which Christ used to feed 5,000? (John 6:9)
  7. When did Christ put spittle on a man's eyes? (John 9:6)
  8. When did Jesus say that he was the resurrection? (John 11:25)
  9. Who said, "Thou shalt never wash my feet"? (John 13:8)  


  1. What book was written to a woman? (II John)     


  1. What was the "Upper Room"? (Acts 1:13)
  2. What physical movement is part of the commissioning of missionaries and the ordination of deacons, elders, and ministers? (Acts 6:6 ; 13:13)
  3. Who was the first Christian martyr and how was he killed? (Acts 7:59)
  4. In what city were the followers of Christ first called Christians? (Acts 11:26)
  5. Who in Europe was the first to become a Christian? (Acts 16:14,15)
  6. Who calmed the riot at a theater? (Acts 19:35)
  7. Who was called "the evangelist"? (Acts 21:8) 
  8. Who said, "Almost thou persuadest me to be a Christian"? (Acts 26:27) 



  1. Who made a fourth with the three Hebrews in the fiery furnace? (Daniel 3:25)


  1. What river does the Bible call "the great river"? (Deut 1:7)
  2. What prayer did God refuse to let Moses pray? (Deut 3:23)
  3. When was a man justified in killing members of his own household? (Deut 13:6-9)
  4. Who was a widow to marry after the death of her husband? (Deut 25:5-6)
  5. Where is a unicorn mentioned in the Bible? (Deut 33:17)


  1. Who was the first farmer? (Gen 4:2)
  2. Who asked, "Am I my brother's keeper? (Gen 4:9)
  3. Who said "My punishment is greater than I can bear"? (Gen 4:13)
  4. Who was the eldest son of Cain? (Gen 4:17)
  5. How manu unclean animals and how many clean animals (of a kind) did Noah take into the ark? (Gen 7:2)
  6. Where did Adam and Eve make their home until after they had sinned? (Gen 7:13)
  7. Where in the bible do we find the first record of washing feet? (Gen 18:4)
  8. What was the punishment to Lot's wife for looking back to the city of Sodom? (Gen 19:26)
  9. What were the names of the first twins and to whom were they born? (Gen 25:24,28)
  10. Who was persecuted for tapping a spring of living water in the valley? (Gen 26:15-33)
  11. How many years did Jacob agree to work in order to marry Rachel? (Gen 29:20)
  12. What man is first recorded as being angry with his wife? (Gen 30:2)
  13. Who remembered a promis after two years? (Gen 41:1-12)
  14. What man was the first recorded shaver? (Gen 41:14)


  1. What does the proverb say of one "that spareth the rod"? (Proverbs 13:24)


  1. What leader fell off a seat and broke his neck? (I Sam 4:18)
  2. What king was taller than all his people? (I Sam 9:2)
  3. What king was an outlaw? (I Sam 25)


  1. Who was the killer of Goliath's brother? (II Sam 21:19)


  1. Where was the first mentioned missionary sent? (Jonah 1:2)


  1. What man turned down great riches for wisdom? (I Kings 3:5-9)
  2. What kind of bird brought food to a prophet? (I Kings 7:4-6)


  1. How was Elijah taken up into heaven? (II Kings 2:1,11)
  2. Who was noted for fast driving? (II Kings 9:20)
  3. Whose sons were beheaded and delivered in baskets to Jezreel? (II Kings 10:1,7) 
  4. What king was hidden in the temple for the first six years of his life? (II Kings 11:1-3)


  1. Who hired the first babysitter? (Ex 2)
  2. What kind of bassinet did Moses get when he was three months old? (Ex 2:3)
  3. What occupation did Moses have before he became leader of the children of Israel? (Ex 3:1)
  4. How did God first appear to Moses? (Ex 3:2)
  5. What weapon was Moses known to carry? (Ex 4:2)
  6. Who was Moses' assistant? (Ex 4:14)
  7. What occasion did the Lord tell his children to borrow from their neighbors? (Ex 11:2)
  8. Whose bones did Moses take with him in the exodus from Eygpt? (Ex 13:19)
  9. By what signs did God lead Moses and the Israelites as they walked from Egypt to Canaan? (Ex 13:21)
  10. What was the name of the first woman prophet? (Ex 15:20)
  11. What man, by holding up his hands won a war? (Ex 17:11-14)
  12. Of what material were curtains made in the portable tabernacle? (Exodus 26:7)
  13. Who used golden earrings to make an idol god? (Ex 32:2-4)


  1. What orphan won a beauty contest? (Esther 2:7-8)
  2. What Jewish girl became a Persian Queen without the king's knowing she was a Jew? (Esther 2:8-9)


  1. What is calld the temple of the Holy Ghost? (Roman 6:19)
  2. If God be for us, who can be against us? (Romans 8:31)
  3. For whom was Paul's heart heavy? (Romans 9:1-5)
  4. To whom was it said, "The elder shall serve the younger"? (Romans 9:12,13)
  5. What was Paul's desire and prayer for Israel? (Romans 10:1)
  6. What is man's "reasonable service"? (Romans 12:1)


  1. What man did Paul turn over to the devil? (I Tim 1:20)
  2. How should a woman learn? (I Tim 2:11)
  3. What kinds of tongues should deacons not have? (I Tim 3:8)
  4. What did Paul tell ministers to refuse? (I Tim 4:7)
  5. What profits a man little? (I Tim 4:8)
  6. The love of what is the root of all evil (I Tim 6:10)


  1. Who was Paul's "Beloved Son"? (II Tim 1:2)
  2. Who was Timothy's mother and grandmother? (II Tim 1:5)


  1. What did the law make perfect? (Hebrews 7:1)
  2. What should we lay aside? (Hebrews 12:1)


  1. After Job lost his livestock and children, what was the final blow to that patient man? (Job 2:7)
  2. In what form did God talk to Job? (Job 38:1)


  1. What is the name Israel is to bear when she is married? (Isaiah 62:4)


  1. What teaches that it is a shame for men to wear long hair? (I Cor 11:14)
  2. What is the last enemy to be destroyed? (I Cor 15:26)


  1. Where is liberty to be found? (II Cor 3:17)
  2. How many times was Paul beaten? (II Cor 11:24)


  1. Who were called the pillars of the church? (Gal 2:9)
  2. When do we no longer need schooling? (Gal 3:25)
  3. What is the fruit of the spirit? (Gal 5:22,23)


  1. Who sits on the right hand of God? (Col 3:1)


  1. When are people usually drunk? (I Thess 5:7)


  1. Into what place shall death and hell be cast? (Rev 20:14)


  1. When were kings chased by a hornet? (Joshua 24:12)


  1. Who was the meekest man on earth? (Numbers 12:3)
  2. What food did God send with the dew to the Israelites as they journeyed? (Num 21:9)


  1. Before the days of the kings, when judges ruled over Israel, which judge was a woman? (Judges 4:4)
  2. The spirit of the Lord came upon Samson each time he displayed great strength; but where do most people think his strength lay? (Judges 16:19)
  3. What man stole money from his mother? (Judges 17:1-4)


  1. To what town did Naomi and her daughter-in-law, Ruth, move when they left the land of Moab? (Ruth 1:19)


  1.   What was Paul's source of strength? (Phil 4:13)


  1. What proverb did God reprove? (Ezekiel 18:1-3)


  1. Who was "the preacher"? (Eccl 1:1)
  2. What does a fool and a wise mand have in common? (Eccl 2:16)


  1. Who are the two boys whose coats are especially mentioned in the Bible? (Ex. 37:3 - Sam 2:1)
  2. In what two gospels is the Lord's prayer found? (Matt 6:9-15 - Luke 11:2-4)
  3. Is there any record of Jesus and his disciples singing together? (Matt 36:30 - Mark 14:2)