Friendship Baptist Church
Monday, August 20, 2018
Growing Together in Christ,55th Year Anniversary this year



There is a song that says “We are fam-i-ly!
That’s how we feel about Friendship Baptist Church. 
We are family – brothers and sisters in Christ.

We have some responsibilities toward
one another. We are to care for each
other as we bear one another's burdens.
We are to minister to each other during
the difficult times of our lives. That’s
what family means. “We are family!”

As the family of God, we each have different 
abilities. God wants us to use them to build 
each other up and to glorify Him. We seek to 
honor God and to love one another by serving 
together. “We are family.”

We encourage you to visit us at Friendship Baptist
Church. See for yourself what it means to be part 
of the family of God.
God will honor your obedience to Him;
and your service to God will minister to
the needs of others.

Come and join the family of God!
Dr. Bill Perry, interim pastor