The Christmas season is the yearly celebration of the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world. What a wondrous mystery, that Almighty God would humble Himself and be born as a helpless baby. Even more amazing is that Jesus was born to die for our sins and then to be raised again forevermore. Join us at Friendship Baptist Church to express thanks to God and to experience the miracle of Christmas!

Throughout the month of December we are giving away
a FREE GIFT to all attendees to help you celebrate this Christmas!

Christmas Musical

Brentwood Benson’s
Breath of Heaven

Sunday, December 22
10:30am worship service

Performed by
The Friendship Ensemble
under the direction of
Terry Fulbright

Christmas Candlelight Worship Service
6pm Sunday, December 22 @ Jonah’s Run Baptist Church
Speaker: Pastor Jordan Atkinson