God Is Our King: Sermons on Isaiah 28-39

Do Not Be Drunk with Wine but Filled with the Spirit (Isaiah 28:1-8)

Give Rest to the Weary (Isaiah 28:9-29)

The Potter and the Clay (Isaiah 29)

How to Be an Obedient Child of God (Isaiah 30:1-17)

Eternity: Infinitely Better or Infinitely Worse? (Isaiah 30:18-33)

Cast Away Your Idols (Isaiah 31)

The Righteous King and His Righteous Subjects (Isaiah 32)

God Is Our King (Isaiah 33)

Edom: A Warning of Eternal Destruction (Isaiah 34)

Hope for Moral Transformation (Isaiah 35)

Trust in the Triune God (Isaiah 36)

The God Who Saves (Isaiah 37)

Pray and Praise (Isaiah 38)

The Greatest Commandments (Isaiah 39)

Judgment and Salvation for All Nations: Sermons on Isaiah 13-27

Rejoice in Salvation through Judgment (Isaiah 13-14)

Be Humbled from Pride (Isaiah 15-16)

The Wrath and Welcome of God (Isaiah 17-18)

God’s Wise Folly (Isaiah 19-20)

Tell the Truth (Isaiah 21)

Be Wretched, and Mourn, and Weep! (Isaiah 22)

From Cursed to Blessed (Isaiah 23)

God’s Eternal Justice: Repent, Lament, and Hope (Isaiah 24)

Keep Faith in God’s Eternal Justice (Isaiah 25:1-26:6)

Bring to Remembrance God’s Eternal Justice (Isaiah 26:7-27:13)

Fruitful Holiness or Desolate Godlessness? Sermons on Isaiah 1-12

Family Resemblance (Isaiah 1)

Come to God (Isaiah 2:1-21)

Trust in God, Not Man (Isaiah 2:22-4:6)

Yield Good Grapes (Isaiah 5)

The Holiness of God (Isaiah 6)

Have Firm Faith (Isaiah 7)

Healthy Fear of God (Isaiah 8)

Rejoice in Jesus (Isaiah 9:1-7)

How to Turn Away God’s Anger (Isaiah 9:8-10:4)

Do Not Fear Idolaters (Isaiah 10:5-34)

Jesus Christ the Righteous (Isaiah 11:1-10)

The Rejoicing Remnant (Isaiah 11:11-12:6)