Sunday school classes meet weekly at 9:30am.

In 2023, our church is reading through the New Testament! Every Sunday after we finish a New Testament book, we have a churchwide discussion during the Sunday school hour for us to answer each other’s questions about what we read and encourage one another with what God has been teaching us through His Word.

Our children’s Sunday school classes use curriculum from Truth 78.

Pastor Jordan teaches a multi-generational Sunday school class. He alternatively teaches a book of the Bible, uses curricula of core seminar classes from Capitol Hill Baptist Church, or creates a class series based on evangelical Christian books. This class digs deep into the Bible and theology to help Christians grow as disciples of Jesus Christ. Pastor Jordan is currently teaching Numbers.

Our women’s Sunday school class uses Lifeway’s Bible Studies for Life curriculum to apply diverse sections of Scripture to practical life situations.

The church nursery is also available during Sunday school for children age 1-4.